Big Yellow Bag Terms and Conditions


    The BYB is very strong, please check the BYB and avoid puncturing or tearing it during use. Do not use the BYB to dispose of sharp objects, hot ashes or anything that may cause damage. The BYB is designed as a single trip bag and will not be replaced. The BYB itself is 100% Recyclable.

  • 2. Positioning your BIG YELLOW BAG

    Please remember to position the BYB before you start to fill it. You may not be able to move it later and any attempt to do so may result in you damaging the bag or hurting yourself.

    Please bear in mind that the BYB must be left within 4 metres (13 feet) of a public highway and that the highway must be at least 4 metres (13 feet) wide to enable access for the lorry. Please also note that our lorries will not drive on to block paving due to the risk of damage.

    It’s important to be made aware that your BYB collection will be carried out by a large lorry. Our fleet consists of 26 tonne vehicles, which are about the size of a fire engine. If you have any concerns about access, please contact us.

    Your BYB must be well clear of walls, trees, parked cars, overhead wires or anything else that might obstruct the operation of the crane vehicle.

    Please do not place your BYB on public highways, pavements or verges without obtaining prior permission to do so from your local authority. Find out more about obtaining permission by contacting us by telephone or use our live chat facility.

    Should access to the BYB be restricted, there may be a further charges incurred to accommodate an alternative collection vehicle.

  • 3. Filling your BIG YELLOW BAG

    Distribute your waste and its weight evenly and do not overload or fill the bag above the top edge. If the bag is overfilled it may be difficult to collect and you may be charged extra.

    A useful guide for loading: Heavy soil = 2/3rd per BYB – Rubble = ¾’s per BYB – Builders’ waste = level BYB

    Please Note: The BYB is intended for the disposal of ordinary household, garden and builders’ waste only. The bag should not be used to dispose of hazardous or specialist wastes. Examples include asbestos, fridges, freezers, batteries, electrical goods, gas bottles, liquids, chemicals, sprung mattresses and clinical or food waste. These are more costly to recycle or dispose of so if we find any of the above in your bag, any surcharges will be passed onto you directly. You should also be aware that failure to declare these wastes or comply with this guidance may put you in breach of UK environmental protection laws. For an exhaustive list of prohibited items or for further information regarding a particular waste stream, please contact us.

    Due to EA legislation, Plasterboard cannot be accepted if mixed with other waste streams. We can only collect plasterboard if it is segregated into its own BIG YELLOW BAG. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the waste in your bag.

  • 4. Gaining Access

    Please make sure that our operator is able to access the collection site at any time between 0600 and 1800 Monday – Friday and 0600 – 1300 on Saturdays. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse collection if a bag is positioned beyond the reach of our vehicle, our lorry would need to drive onto block paving, the crane operation is obstructed, access is barred , or if the bag is overloaded, overfilled, damaged or contains anything other than ordinary household, garden or builders’ waste, Plasterboard.