L&S Waste - Buy 10mm Shingle Online

10mm Shingle

Sea Dredged 10mm Shingle – also known as Pea Shingle is washed and screened to provide single sized stones. It is suitable for use as a decorative material for drives and paths, a drainage medium when laying pipes etc, or in certain cases for mixing concrete.

L&S Waste - Buy 20mm Shingle Online

20mm Shingle

Sea Dredged 20mm Shingle – exactly the same as the 10mm shingle only larger. It is commonly used for driveways, drainage and other decorative applications.

L&S Waste - Buy Soft Washed Builders Sand Online

Soft Washed Builders Sand

Land based Soft Washed Builder’s Sand – commonly used when bricklaying to mix cement.

L&S Waste - Buy 0-5mm Marine Grit Online

0-5mm Washed Marine Grit

0- 5mm Washed Grit – is sand that is coarser than the soft builders’ sand. It is most commonly used for block paving or laying or rendering grit and can be used to make a smooth finished concrete.

L&S Waste - Buy Recycled Screened Soil Online

Recycled Screened Soil

15mm Recycled Screened Soil – this 100% recycled material for general landscaping applications, ground levelling and turfing.

L&S Waste - Buy Type 1 803 Recycled Aggregate Online

Type 1 803 Recycled Aggregate

Recycled Type 1 Sub Base – this is 100% recycled Type 1 approved Sub Base for roads and drives. Once laid, rolled or compacted, this material is ready for the final dressing of tarmac, concrete, decorative stone etc.

L&S Waste - Buy Recycled Ballast Online

Recycled Ballast

Recycled Ballast – this is a 100% recycled alternative to sea dredged ballast, suitable for the same range of applications.