A Guide to Skip Sizes L&S Waste Management

Whatever job it is you’re about to start, you need to make sure you have the right size skip to accommodate for all the waste. There’s no point in having a 12 cubic yard skip sitting at the front of your house for 4 weeks for a small household job, like a minor bathroom refurbishment, that will only fill a mini skip and take 2 weeks to complete.

That’s why L&S Waste have created this easy guide to skip sizes, so you know where to look next time you’ve got a project to do but aren’t sure on what size skip would be sufficient for the job.

Here’s a list of all the different skip sizes we cater for. They measure in cubic yards, which relates to the volume of waste they hold.

2 cubic yard – Mini Skip

The mini skip equates to a 2 cubic yards or 1.5 cubic metres. This about the equivalent of six household wheelie bins and is ideal for small amounts of light domestic waste such as household or garden rubbish.

4 cubic yard skip – Midi Skip

A medium sized skip that is often referred to as the ‘midi skip’. This is 4 cubic yards or 3 cubic metres – double the size of the mini skip, and the equivalent of approximately 12 wheelie bins. They are commonly used for bulky, heavy items such as construction waste and rubble.

6 cubic yard skip – Builder Skip

Commonly referred to as a ‘builders skip’, the 6 cubic yard skip is the most popular size and great for those small-scale construction jobs. It holds 6 cubic yards or 4.6 cubic metres, which is the equivalent to 19 wheelie bins.

8 cubic yard skip – Mega Skip

Holding 8 cubic yards / 6.1 cubic metres, or about 25 wheelie bins full, the Mega Skip is perfect for small building sites, house clearances and large domestic jobs such as kitchen and bathroom renovations.

You should avoid filling this size skip with 100% soils, rubble and hardcore.

12 cubic yard skip – The Mammoth!

This is our largest skip size and is for light bulky waste types only, although you can put a minimal amount of soil and rubble in as well. These are the ideal size for major house or renovation projects as they hold 12 cubic yards / 9.2 cubic metres or the equivalent of 36 wheelie bins.

Order skip online

So, no matter what your requirements, whether it’s a small decorating job, garden project, large renovation, or for commercial or domestic use, L&S Waste can cater for your needs.

Here at L&S we have made it simple to order your skip online. In a few simple steps you can choose the correct size, the type of waste you need to dispose of, the date you would like it delivered and get an instant price.

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