When can I expect my skip?

We deliver throughout the normal working day and will do our utmost to fulfil time specific requests. A really useful tip is to have your skip delivered the day before you actually need to use it, that way it will be there ready for an early start and not subject to any delivery delay.

Do I need to wait in for the skip delivery?

If I hire a skip, how long can I keep it?

Our standard hire period is one week although we can arrange a collection sooner if you wish, please let us know within the ‘other information’ field. We can arrange extensions to your hire period and charge on a weekly basis.

What does it cost to hire a skip?

This depends on the size of skip you need, your postcode and whether the skip will be on the public highway or private property. For a simple guide visit the online skip hire page, make the appropriate selections and this will give you a price. Alternatively please use our online chat, call us on 01329 840000 or watch our video.

What waste can I put in my skip?

All general mixed non-hazardous waste can be placed into our skips. By this we mean waste from building, gardening, house, factory, office clearance and so on. As a ‘rule of thumb’ do not place anything into a skip that is likely to cause harm to humans, animals, fish or that could potentially cause environmental pollution to land, water or air. If you are unsure about the waste you have, simply contact us by telephone or through the live chat and we will clarify this for you asap.

What waste should not go into my skip?

Wastes that should be excluded are hazardous or toxic, large tree roots, tyres, asbestos, paints, solvents, liquids, chemicals, TV’s, computer screens, fridges and freezers, fluorescent light tubes, animal carcasses. Should you have any queries regarding the placement of waste please contact us by telephone or through live chat and we will clarify this for you asap.

What is your position on the disposal of plasterboard and why is it banned from landfill?

One of the most popular questions we are asked surrounds the disposal of plasterboard. In simple terms YOU CAN place small amounts of plasterboard in your skip, we just need you to place it of the top of the load so that we can remove it before the skip gets tipped. If you have large amounts of plasterboard we will be happy to quote to provide skips for that sole use. Please contact us by telephone or through live chat and we will clarify this for you asap. Plasterboard was banned from being land-filled with other wastes from 1st April 2009. The principal reason for this is that when land-filled with other mixed waste residues and putrefaction commences Hydrogen Sulphide is produced. We can obtain 100% recycling rates for plasterboard when it is separated upon collection.

Where can I put my skip?

Most people arrange for the skip to be placed on their own property – usually on the driveway. Skips that are parked on the road require a permit from your local authority, which we will arrange. The permit period is fixed (usually one week) although this can usually be extended by agreement. Local authorities charge for the issue of permits and extensions. We provide lamps and cones for safety reasons.

What happens if my property is damaged?

This is unlikely as our drivers are experienced and well trained, however we recognise that accidents can happen and we have suitable insurance cover in place.

What is covered?

Obvious accidental damage to buildings and other third party property where it is proven/agreed that our operator is at fault.

Any other questions?

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