Skip Hire

What is skip hire?

Skip hire is a service that provides customers with large containers (skips / ROROs) for the disposal of waste. Skips are delivered to a specified location, filled with waste by the customer, and then collected for proper disposal or recycling.

How do I book a skip?

You can book a skip by visiting our website, calling our customer service team, or sending us an email. We'll guide you through the process and help you choose the right skip for your needs.

How much does skip hire cost?

Well, that really depends on the size of the skip you need, whether you need a permit and what type of waste you are disposing of (i.e. whether you are disposing of a single type of waste such as wood, rubble or soil).

If you are disposing of a single waste type, L&S offer reduced rates for skip hire as the costs involved in separating the waste at the recycling stage is less.

All our prices are clearly displayed on our website based on your requirements.

To get a quote for your skip visit our online ordering page.

How long can I keep my skip for?

Unless you have agreed alternative arrangements with us, our maximum hire period is typically 14 days for skips placed onto private property and not requiring a council highway permit. This is reduced to 7 days for those that do require a council permit as this is the length of time the permit lasts for.

NB: Any skip being placed on the highway on a Monday will be collected by the Saturday of the same week.

L&S has a flexible skip hire period, where you can decide if you need your skip collected earlier. You can select both your preferred delivery and collection date during the online booking process.

Do I need a permit for my skip?

Most people arrange for the skip to be placed on their own property – usually on the driveway.

However, skips that are parked on the road require a permit from your local authority, which we will arrange.

Please make sure you select the permit required option during the online ordering process. If ordering over the phone our advisor will ask you whether you need a permit and make the necessary arrangements for you.

The permit period is fixed (usually one week) although this can usually be extended by agreement. Local authorities charge for the issue of permits and extensions.

What size skip do I need?

It’s important for you to get the right size skip. Order something too big and you’ve paid for extra space you don’t need. Underestimate the size and you might have the extra expense of ordering another skip.

Here’s a list of all the different skip sizes we cater for. They measure in cubic yards, which relates to the volume of waste they hold.

2 cubic yard - Mini Skip 

The mini skip equates to a 2 cubic yards or 1.5 cubic metres. This about the equivalent of six household wheelie bins and is ideal for small amounts of light domestic waste such as household or garden rubbish.

4 cubic yard skip – Midi Skip

A medium sized skip that is often referred to as the ‘midi skip’. This is 4 cubic yards or 3 cubic metres – double the size of the mini skip, and the equivalent of approximately 12 wheelie bins. They are commonly used for bulky, heavy items such as construction waste and rubble.

6 cubic yard skip – Builder Skip

Commonly referred to as a ‘builders skip’, the 6 cubic yard skip is the most popular size and great for those small-scale construction jobs. It holds 6 cubic yards or 4.6 cubic metres, which is the equivalent to 19 wheelie bins.

8 cubic yard skip – Mega Skip

Holding 8 cubic yards / 6.1 cubic metres, or about 25 wheelie bins full, the Mega Skip is perfect for small building sites, house clearances and large domestic jobs such as kitchen and bathroom renovations.

You should avoid filling this size skip with 100% soils, rubble and hardcore.

12 cubic yard skip – The Mammoth!

This is our largest skip size and is for light bulky waste types only, although you can put a minimal amount of soil and rubble in as well. These are the ideal size for major house or renovation projects as they hold 12 cubic yards / 9.2 cubic metres or the equivalent of 36 wheelie bins.

Still unsure? Give one of our knowledgeable team a call and we’ll be happy to advise.

How do I order a skip?

L&S have made it easy to order your skip. The easiest and quickest way to do this is online. In a few simple steps you can choose the type and size of skip you need, get an instant price, select the delivery and collection dates and pay through our secure website.

We will always give you our best price by booking online.

To book online click here.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a person and book over the phone, you are welcome to call our service desk on 01329 840000.

If you are an L&S account customer you can also book your skip, arrange collections, and exchanges via our App, which can be download via the App Store or on Google Play

When will my skip be collected?

When booking your skip online you will be asked for your preferred delivery and collection time. Your skip will be collected at this agreed date unless you have agreed an alternative date and time with us.

Do I need to be home when my skip is delivered / collected?

You do not need to be home when your skip is delivered and collected. If you have specific instructions on where you would like your skip to be placed, then you can specify this during the online booking process or, if booking over the phone, with one of our team.

What is acceptable to put in an L&S skip?

Skip hire should be a straightforward way of getting rid of unwanted items in bulk. Skips can carry a diverse selection of waste, from old household furniture to garden waste and more, but sometimes it’s easy to get hung up on the specifics of what can and can’t be put into a skip.

When booking your skip with L&S you can choose between different types of waste – General mixed waste, plasterboard only, wood (clean and untreated), hardcore/rubble or stone and soil.

The reason we do this is because if you are only looking to dispose one particular type of waste then we can offer reduced rates. What many people don’t realise or appreciate is that the process for recycling waste is a labour intensive and expensive operation. This becomes easier if skips contain a single waste stream.

So, back the question of what is acceptable to put in your skip. If you have selected a particular waste stream, then please do make sure that your skip only contains this type of waste or we will have to charge you the difference for a skip containing general mixed waste.

In terms of a general mixed waste skip here’s a few categorised list of the most common items you’re allowed to dispose of in a skip.

Building and renovation waste

  • Bricks
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Solidified paint
  • Building rubble


  • Wardrobes
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Plastic garden furniture
  • Any pieces of wooden furniture

Garden waste

  • Soil
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Flower cuttings


  • Non-electrical fittings
  • Gas cookers
  • Plastics
  • Scrap metal
  • Bricks

If you’re still unsure give one of our friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to advise. Alternatively you can read more on this subject in our handy Tips for Skips guide.

Waste Management

How do I dispose of asbestos?


Any customer found to be concealing or attempting to dispose of asbestos wastes within a skip hired for the disposal of normal construction, industrial or commercial waste will be reported to the Environment Agency. If we collect a skip and find asbestos secreted within then this will be reported to the Environment Agency.

In addition, skips will remain either on customers site or in quarantine pending investigation by the EA, material analysis undertaken and fresh prices agreed, or legal action taken to recover costs.

As part of your skip hire agreement with L&S Waste you will be asked to acknowledge and agree to these terms prior to booking a skip.

If you are unsure about Asbestos, what it is and its correct disposal route contact us directly to discuss our hazardous waste collection services.

Do I need to separate my waste?

It does help if you separate your waste, and where applicable order a skip for individual waste streams (i.e. wood only, soil only, rubble only, etc). However if you order a general mixed waste skip you do not need to separate your waste as this is done at our recycling facility.

If you only have one type of waste stream to dispose of then you can select this option during the online booking process.

What’s the difference between a skip and a Hippo Bag / L&S Big Yellow bag?

The main difference between a skip and a Big Yellow Bag is that you can fill a bag in your own time.

You can book a Big Yellow Bag online 24/7 and we’ll come and pick it up when you have filled it.

However, bags are limited to the amount of waste they can carry, so our Big Yellow Bags are not big enough to get rid of all your waste, then a traditional skip might be better for you. If you do need a skip it will usually need to be filled and collected within our 2 week hire period.

What happens to my waste once it is removed?

All waste is processed using our modern plant and equipment and recycled for further use.


Wood is sorted into different categories and chipped to supply the panel board industry. L&S also provide woodchip to various waste to energy plants where the recovered wood is used to generate electricity.

Rigid Plastic

Rigid plastics are an everyday item, for example plastic chairs, tables, children’s toys, and form just a small section of the various products and different categories of plastic in daily use. Where plastic waste occurs L&S recover and bale these products for granulating and remanufacture.

Plastic Film

At L&S we also separate plastic films which are mainly recovered from packaging. This material, consisting of both plain and mixed colours, is baled and transported to specialist plastic recyclers within the UK.


At L&S we utilise powerful electro-magnets to extract steel from the recovery process. Steel is then dispatched a specialist metal processing plant for shredding and cleaning before continuing its journey to the smelting works in the UK and abroad.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows and doors contain recoverable plastics and metals. Some 30 years on from their initial installations many UPVC window products are being replaced by modern more efficient units. Once recovered these products are shredded to separate the metal and UPVC and are reprocessed into new product.

Cardboard & Paper

Card and paper products are separated manually and mechanically and are sent to specialist processing mills in the UK.


L&S Aggregates division provide a 100% recycled, crushed and processed glass grit. Used as an alternative to marine or land won material, glass grit is manufactured from recycled mixed coloured glass bottles.


Legislation prohibits the landfill of gypsum based products with other mixed active wastes as the decomposition process causes the release of hydrogen sulphide gas. L&S collect and separate plasterboard and once any non gypsum based material is removed the resultant material is sent for remanufacture into fresh plasterboard and into agricultural applications.

Concrete & Hardcore

Broken concrete, hardcore and masonry wastes continually arise. L&S collect, transport, screen and crush these materials using efficient, modern technology. The result is the production of top grade recycled aggregate.


At L&S the soil we collect is graded and screened to provide various different products. L&S soils can be used for a variety of applications from simple bunds to golf course construction and general landscape works.

Green Waste

All green waste is collectively separated for onward transport to specialist compost manufacturers, L&S in turn take back some of this composted material to blend with and to improve the nutrient qualities of our recycled soils.

RDF Refuse Derived Fuels

Once all processing has taken place waste residues remain that cannot be practically recovered into single commodities. These waste residues can be screened and shredded to produce a light ‘flock’ generally known as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).This material can then be delivered to various waste to energy plants assisting in the production of power generation.

How do I dispose of plasterboard?

Plasterboard was banned from being land-filled with other wastes from 1st April 2009.The principal reason for this is that when land-filled with other mixed waste residues and putrefaction commences Hydrogen Sulphide is produced. As such we need to ensure that this waste stream is strictly separated from other waste types, so that we can process it accordingly.

One of the most popular questions we get asked surrounds the disposal of plasterboard. In simple terms you can place small amounts of plasterboard in your skip, we just need you to place it of the top of the load so that we can remove it before the skip gets tipped.

If you have large amounts of plasterboard you will need to order a skip that sole use. This can be done via the online ordering process, or if you would prefer to order your skip over the phone then please mention to one of our advisers that you need to dispose of plasterboard.

What is a registered waste carrier and why should I use one?

Your waste carrier must be registered in order to prevent fly-tipping – a huge and all too common problem here in the UK, that costs the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds every year. If an unauthorised contractor removes your waste, it could be disposed of illegally. If this happens and the waste is traced back to you or your property, you’re likely to be fined £5,000 and potentially prosecuted. Before allowing a contractor to remove and dispose of your waste, you should ask to see their Waste Carriers Licence. Legitimate, authorised waste carriers will be registered, therefore, they’ll have a certificate (valid for three years) to prove it. Of course L&S Waste is fully registered, however, if you decide to use another carrier then you should check if a company holds a Waste Carriers Licence, by visiting the Environment Agency website. For further tips and advice on hiring a registered waste carrier read our handy blog

What recycling facilities does L&S have?

We operate waste treatment and recycling facilities in Portsmouth, Fareham and Southampton, licensed to accept a total of 275,000 tonnes each year. We welcome all Registered Carriers of waste and provide full disposal services.

All waste consignments arriving on site must be accompanied by the relevant waste transfer notes. We provide electronic signature capture at all locations so we can email a transaction report if you wish. Payment can be on account, in cash or by credit card.

We accept a wide variety of non hazardous construction and commercial wastes at each site. Asbestos disposal facilities are available at Fareham. 

Concrete Supply

What type of concrete do I need?


Foundations for large walls, garages, houses & extensions. Paving for patios. Reinforced bases & oversites for conservatories, garages, sheds.


Paving external kennels and reinforced hard standings. Reinforced bases for workshops and unreinforced bases for houses & extensions.


Foundations for septic tanks, paving HGV parks and agricultural yards.


Farm Concrete is a strong mix design (C40 including fibres) specifically used for areas where Farm Livestock might be housed.


4-1 Traditional Dry Screed – used to bring the surface of concrete flooring to design height and to provide a surface suitable for installing specified flooring, including underfloor heating. Includes fibres that inhibit shrinkage, settlement cracking, increases strength and provides a superior quality. Made with a 0/4mm Sand and Cement with a 6-8 hour retarder.


Foam Concrete is a flowable Concrete used for bulk fill and utility works. Foam Concrete provides a permanent first time reinstatement and can be used to fill trenches, redundant, fuel, effluent and water tanks. Flowable Foam Concrete is installed as an alternative to costly and complicated import and compaction of Aggregates.


Single Storey Foundations and Footings


Double Storey Foundation and Footings

How do I work out how much concrete I need?

Our online booking process includes a handy calculator to help you work out how much concrete you’ll need for your job.

A simple calculation multiplying the depth, width and length of the space you need to fill will give you the total amount required in cubic metres.

What types of concrete do you supply?

We supply a range of concrete types, including ready-mix, on-site mixed, and specialized mixes for various applications.

What concrete do I need for a shed base?

Our C20 mix is ideal for shed bases as well as things such as foundations for large walls, garages, houses & extensions. Paving for patios. Reinforced bases & oversites for conservatories, garages.

Is there a minimum amount of concrete I can order?

Not really, but if you only need a small amount mixed (for example to fill a gatepost) then it may be more cost effective to buy a ready mixed bag and mix it up at home yourself.

If you’re unsure how much concrete you might need for a job, just give one of the team a call on 01329 840000 and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I order concrete?

L&S has made it very straightforward for you to order concrete and concrete pumping. Many of our customers now choose to use our online ordering facility, which enables you to work out how much concrete you need, offers you a choice of delivery date and make payment online.

Alternatively you are welcome to call our friendly, knowledgeable team on 01329 840000.

How do I get concrete delivered to my site if there’s limited access?

If access to site is an issue then you might want to try the L&S Concrete Pumping service. We can pump concrete over, around and below obstacles to ensure you get your concrete safely, quickly and exactly where you need it with the minimum of fuss.

Our concrete pumping service is not only good for sites where access is an issue, but also if you don’t want the hassle and effort involved in mixing and wheel barrowing concrete. You can often save time and money by getting L&S Concrete to do all the hard work.

We can even offer a site visit to check out access and suitability prior to ordering.

See more information on our concrete pumping service and to watch a video on how it works.

What is concrete pumping?

Concrete pumping is a method of transferring liquid concrete to a specific location using a pump, ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

How does concrete pumping work?

Our concrete pumping service is very straightforward. Once you have ordered your concrete and the concrete line pump from L&S we will arrive on site at the time and date agreed.

We park our pump in a position where our mixer can gain suitable access and then lay pipes from the pump to the position where the concrete is required.

The concrete mixer vehicle then backs up to the pump and we prime the line with grout. The concrete is then poured into the pump hopper. We then pump it through the pipework into position.

Once the pumping work has been completed, the hopper and pipe must be emptied of all waste and all equipment must be washed down – please make sure there is somewhere to dispose of waste on site.

See more information on our concrete pumping service and to watch a video on how it works.

How much does concrete cost?

Our concrete and concrete pumping prices are very competitive. You can get an instant price via our online booking system before making a purchase.

Alternatively you can get a quote from our sales team by calling 01329 840000.

Aggregate Supply

Can I collect aggregates myself?

If you would like to arrange collection of your aggregates from our Portsmouth or Southampton yards, please contact us in advance to arrange the details.

What types of aggregates do you supply?

We supply a variety of aggregates including sand, gravel, crushed stone, and recycled materials. We offer a wide range of primary and recycled aggregates at competitive prices. 

Do you offer delivery for aggregates?

Yes, we offer reliable delivery services to ensure your aggregates arrive on time.

Portable Toilet Hire

Is there a minimum hire period for your portable toilets?

L&S portable toilets are available for a minimum 4-week hire period and include a standard weekly service in the cost. However, if you need to arrange a more flexible hire period please do get in touch to discuss.

How many portable toilets do I need for my site?

Typically, one unit will cover 7 individuals for a standard 40 hour working week on a construction site or domestic environment. If you have more staff or visitors requiring a portable loo solution then simply multiply the units accordingly. L&S provide a handy calculator to help work out how many portable loos you might need.

What are L&S Loos supplied with?

L&S Loos are equipped with toilet rolls, flushable hand towels, and hand cleaner, all of which are replenished during each service. The unit also includes fresh water and a toilet deodorising agent.

What can go into the unit?

Only human toilet waste, toilet paper, and the provided flushable hand towels should be disposed of in the unit. Please do not place sanitary items or any other materials in the toilet.

What are your portable toilets suitable for?

L&S portable toilets are suitable for construction, commercial domestic and event use.

How often are the toilets serviced?

Toilets are serviced on a regular basis to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. We can tailor the service frequency to your needs.

The unit is full. What should I do?

Don’t panic! If your loo requires urgent servicing between scheduled visits, simply contact L&S Loos, and we will arrange a call out. Please note that this will incur an additional service charge.

Can I move the L&S Loo?

No, please do not move the unit from its delivered position. Moving it may cause issues with servicing and collection.

What about insurance?

The hirer is responsible for the security and condition of the equipment during the hire period. While normal wear and tear is accepted, any damage, including graffiti or total loss, will be chargeable to the hirer.

How do I book portable toilets?

You can book portable toilets through our website or by contacting our customer service team.

Site Welfare Unit Hire

How do I arrange for the hire of a welfare unit?

Contact us via our website or phone to discuss your requirements and arrange for the hire.

What facilities are included in your site welfare units?

Our site welfare units include facilities such as toilets, washrooms, canteens, and changing rooms.

Are the welfare units compliant with health and safety regulations?

Yes, all our welfare units are fully compliant with current health and safety regulations.


Can I dispose of rubble / hardcore at your depot?

We offer a free hardcore and rubble disposal facility – please call our team on 01329 840000 before arriving on site.

How do I get your best prices?

We always quote our best prices online. You’ll find we are very competitive across all our products, but please be aware that if you have found a cheaper service elsewhere, you may not always be comparing a like-for-like service.

I’ve got a question about my order, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via the following methods:

Phone: 01329 840000


Online support: via L&S website homepage

Social Media: Like and follow our Facebook and X pages

Which of your services can I order online?

You can order skips, grabs, Big Yellow Bags, Click & Collect waste removal, portable toilets, concrete and concrete pumping services online.

How do I open an account with L&S?

To discuss opening a trade account with us, call the team on 01329 840000

Where is L&S based?

Our head office is based at Pegham Industrial Estate, Fareham and we operate waste treatment and recycling facilities in Portsmouth, Fareham and Southampton, as well as an aggregate rail terminal in St Denys, Southampton.

Where do L&S operate?

L&S Waste can supply skips and containers across the south coast. Our area of operation covers all PO and SO postcode and GU postcodes between 29-35. We also offer an out of area service on application.

What are L&S Waste’s opening / operating hours?

We’re open 7am – 6pm weekdays and 7 – 12.30 Saturdays

You can order skips, grabs and concrete online anytime 24/7.

Can I bring my building waste direct to your depot?

Please call our team on 01329 840000 if you want to bring construction waste to our waste depot and we will arrange a price with you.

Any other questions?

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