The Importance of Using a Registered Waste Carrier L&S Waste Management

Anyone that produces waste must take responsibility for its safe and appropriate disposal. You must be certain that your waste is removed and disposed of within the parameters of the law and by a registered contractor who is licenced to collect it. Failure to do so is an offence and could be costly.

The following blog will discuss the importance of hiring a registered waste carrier, and offer some advice as to how to go about it – or more importantly how to avoid employing cowboys to remove your waste.

This will give you the peace of mind that your waste is disposed of safely and responsibly by the right people with adequate resources and keep you on the right side of the law.

Why use a registered waste carrier?

Your waste carrier must be registered in order to prevent fly-tipping – a huge and all too common problem here in the UK, that costs the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds every year.

If an unauthorised contractor removes your waste, it could be disposed of illegally. If this happens and the waste is traced back to you or your property, you’re likely to be fined £5,000 and potentially prosecuted.

Before allowing a contractor to remove and dispose of your waste, you should ask to see their Waste Carriers Licence. Legitimate, authorised waste carriers will be registered, therefore, they’ll have a certificate (valid for three years) to prove it.

To check if a company holds a Waste Carriers Licence, visit the Environment Agency website.

Tips for hiring a registered waste carrier

It’s always best to follow the SCRAP code when hiring waste carriers:

S – Suspect. Be suspicious of cold callers
C – Check. Ask to see their waste carrier registration details
R – Refuse. Reject cold callers offering to remove your waste
A – Ask. Question what will happen to your waste
P – Paperwork. Ask to see all relevant paperwork, including a waste transfer note.

Here’s a few tips to ensure you’re hiring a legitimate and responsible waste carrier:

Reject the services of unexpected cold callers

Have you ever anyone knock your door offering to take away the rubbish out the front of your property? If so, then treat them with suspicion! Don’t hand over your waste to cold callers, especially those offering to take your waste there and then. Rather, check online for registered waste carriers – it’s prudent to then ring around for quotes. Arrange an appropriate date and time for the company to come and remove your waste. Most bona-fide companies can be quite flexible and work around you. If you are comfortable that the waste company are legit, then you don’t necessary have to be there when they collect the waste.

Check them out

Be sure to ask for evidence of the carrier’s business address. If local, perhaps check that the location actually exists with a simple Google check. Rogue traders will often give out false details, thus making them harder to trace in the long run. If you find an address is non-existent, you can report this to the Environment Agency.

Ask questions

It’s your responsibility to find out where your waste will end up and if it will be disposed of responsibly – as such don’t be afraid to ask the waste carrier for evidence of this. Ask to see permits for disposal sites and don’t be fobbed off with vague answers.

Cheaper isn’t always better!

Registered waste carriers will always charge a fair and reasonable price for collecting and disposing your waste. Licensed contractors have to pay for the maintenance of vehicles, hardworking employees and for the upkeep of our waste management facilities. Be wary of a price that seems too good to be true – it may end up costing you dear in the longer run.

Don’t be fooled by advertising

Just because a company advertises in the local newspaper, doesn’t make it bona fide. Local ads are relatively cheap, and telephone directories aren’t always reliable when it comes to identifying legitimate businesses. It’s important that you still carry out the relevant checks on the company, for your own peace of mind.

Note down registration numbers

Make sure you record the registration number of the vehicle that takes your waste away. That way, if in the event that your waste has been fly-tipped, you can pass on this information to the authorities to help them track down the culprits.

Don’t be afraid to tell the waste carrier that you are taking their information. This may make them think twice about fly-tipping your waste.

Avoid cash in hand payments

Ensure that you are properly invoiced for any services. For larger or more regular contracts, you should always check that your waste was disposed of lawfully before paying any bills.

If you have waste that needs collecting, but are still on the look out for a registered, safe and responsible waste carrier, then L&S Waste can help. We offer professional, reliable waste collection services including skip hire, caged van collection and our handy online Click & Collect service.

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