L&S produce pre-mixed sand & cement screeds to suit your particular project. Unlike many other concrete suppliers, our floor screed is not pre-produced. We mix your material on site to give you a fresh screed with the maximum working time. We can incorporate a retarder to allow a delayed set for up to 8 hours.

The flexibility of the L&S Volumetric Concrete vehicle allows an increase in quantity at the touch of a button.

Our Mix

4:1 Floor Screed

For finishing floors, where a smooth finish is required, 4:1 is the ratio of sharp sand to cement. Typically used for all general household purposes.

Polypropylene Fibres

Fibres can substitute the use of crack control mesh and are mixed into the load as it is produced ensuring even distribution of fibres.

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    Ready Mixed Concrete

    High quality Ready Mixed Concrete.
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    Ready Mixed Foam Concrete

    Ideal for applications such as trench fill, tank fill, or filling voids.
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    Concrete Line Pumping

    Fast and efficient Concrete Line Pumping service.
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    Ready Mixed Floor Screed

    High quality fresh screed mixed on site.
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      Ready Mixed Floor Screed

      High quality fresh screed mixed on site.
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