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    Trade References

    We use credit reference agencies and trade references to help us make decisions regarding your credit account. Except for the purposes of credit rating we will not disclose or share your customer information to or with any other person outside L&S Waste Management Ltd ("The Company") without your consent.

    Credit Account Terms & Conditions

    • Accounts with no activity for a period of one year will be closed automatically.

    • Payment is due 30 days end of month following the date of invoice, eg invoice dated January should be paid by the end of February.

    • Invoices will be forwarded one week in arrears following the transaction date.

    • Invoice queries should be forwarded to no later than 14 days from the date of invoice.

    • Account statements will be forwarded by the 10th of the month following month end, eg January statement of account will be sent by 10th February.

    • Overdue accounts will automatically be placed on stop and services/supplies suspended until a full payment is received.

    • Persistently late paying accounts will have their credit facilities withdrawn.

    • L&S Waste Management Ltd ("The Company") may at its sole discretion suspend further deliveries.

    • The company reserves the right to increase, decrease or suspend your credit limit at any time

    I, the undersigned have read and understood the above terms and conditions and will comply.