Big Yellow Bags FAQs

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  • What is a BYB?
    A BYB is a Big Yellow Bag – made for all those little jobs that cause big trouble. Read more here.”
  • Do I have to be in when my Big Yellow Bag is delivered or collected?
    You do not need to wait if for us to deliver your BYB. Simply tell us where you would like us to leave the BYB in your absence and we will do the rest. Alternatively you can collect a BYB from one of our local depots – see web page for more details.
  • What can’t I put in a Big Yellow Bag?
    Please see our list – still not sure? contact us directly by telephone or “live chat” for more information.
  • How big is the Big Yellow Bag?
    Big Yellow Bag has a safe working load of 1000Kgs. Big Yellow Bag approximate dimensions – Height x .900m Width x .900m Depth x .900m
  • I have a couple of bits of plasterboard, but not enough for a whole bag. Can I add this to my Big Yellow Bag?
    Sure you can put minimal amounts of Plasterboard on the top of a filled BYB but please don’t try to hide as this makes it very difficult to separate out for recycling.
  • Can you collect over walls?
    Yes we can collect BYB from behind walls but they should be no more than 1.5m3 high and we must be able to park with 1m of the wall on firm ground.
  • Can I buy a Big Yellow Bag from a shop?
    We have 3 locations where you can purchase a BYB – please see our web page for locations and opening times.
  • Is my waste recycled?
    Sure is. L&S Waste Management is the souths leading Recycling business and we Recycle over 96% of the waste we handle, we even recycle the BYB!
  • How long can I keep it for?
    Within reason there is no limit to how long you keep your BYB, however we would like to think that you will have it filled within a week or two.