Ready Mixed Concrete

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L&S Concrete is an integral part of L&S Waste Management Limited. We provide ready mixed concrete and floor screed using our fleet of volumetric mobile batching plants. The use of volumetric batching and continuous mixing is well proven and has many advantages over traditional drum type mixers that rely on static batching plants.

Once arriving on site, the ingredients are continuously metered and proportioned through calibrated controls volumetrically into the auger. This in turn homogeneously combines the ingredients to produce concrete.

The method allows the operator to mix any amount of fresh concrete on site, to any mix design with no waste. The mix design can also be changed instantly to produce different types of concrete from the same load.

The following information is extracted from BS 8500, and will assist when specifying the precise concrete for any particular application. Select your application from the left hand column and match it with the suitable concrete type on the right. If you require assistance please contact us by email or telephone our customer service centre.

General Applications

Application Designated Concrete Standardise Prescribed Concrete Recommended Consistence Class Available to Order Online
Binding & mass concrete fill GEN 1 ST2 S3 Order Online
Strip footings GEN 1 ST2 S3 Order Online
Mass concrete foundations GEN 1 ST2 S3 Order Online
Trench fill foundations GEN 1 ST2 S3 Order Online
General application
Kerb bedding & backing GEN 0 ST1 S1 (nominal 10) Call to Order
Drainage works to give immediate support GEN 1 ST2 S1 (nominal 10) Order Online
House floor with no embedded metal
Permanent finish to be added e.g. screed GEN 1 ST2 S2 Order Online
No permanent finish to be added e.g. carpeted GEN 2 ST3 S2 Call to Order
Garage floors with no embedded metal GEN 3 ST4 S2 Order Online
House/garage floors containing embedded metal RC25/30 ST4 S2 Call to Order
House drives & domestic parking PAV 1 N/A S2 Call to Order
Heavy duty external paving PAV 2 N/A S2 Call to Order

*Note – What used to be known as workability is now referred to as consistence.

Slump Class Target Slump (mm)
S1 20
S2 70
S3 120
S4 180

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